About us

AquaOzone offer environmentally friendly, safe to use ozone systems and products for water treatment, cleaning and disinfection.

As part of the eozone group we have over 20 years years experience in developing and implementing ozone technologies.


Our ozone systems and cleaning solutions are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications and industries.


Poultry, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, dairy, horticulture, flowers, cold stores and transportation.


Food preparation, kitchens, ice cabinets, beer pump lines, schools, swimming pools, meeting areas, washrooms, toilets and laundry.


Water treatment, hydropower, heating and power stations, gas, oil, steel, paper,  laboratories, engineering, brewing and beverages.



We have a range of domestic ozone systems and cleaning solutions for use in the home.

Ozone systems

Simple ozone generators are commonplace in homes around the world, reducing odours, improving hygiene and providing and air of freshness. As a powerful disinfectant, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish benefit from ozone-water washing to reduce the possibility of cross contamination.

Cleaning solutions

AquaOzone have a range of exceptionally effective, user-friendly cleaning solutions made from natural, sustainable sources.