Domestic Ozone Systems

Simple ozone generators are commonplace in homes around the world for better drinking water, disinfecting surfaces, reducing odours, improving hygiene and providing an air of freshness.

As a powerful disinfectant, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish benefit from ozone-water washing to reduce the possibility of cross contamination. Ozone kills e.coli approximately 3,000 times faster than chlorine and is capable of eliminating all strains of bacteria, viruses and other water-borne micro-organisms and pathogens.

How it works

AquaOzone’s BioSure equipment employs the world’s most advanced ozone generation technology – our indirect Electrolytic Ozone Generator (iEOG) was developed in the UK and has over 40 worldwide patents. By applying electricity to tap water, highly concentrated ozone and oxygen are created, without harmful by-products. Our dissolved ozone is powerful and environmentally friendly. It is safe, reliable and cost-effective to produce, consuming low levels of energy. After contact, ozone reverts back to harmless oxygen.

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Domestic Cleaning Solutions

Through our extensive experience in servicing industrial facilities and specialist laboratory equipment, we realised there was a need for an alternative cleaning solution.

A product that delivers the effectiveness of a corrosive cleaning product, but also protects the materials the solution is cleaning and the people that come into contact with it.

A fresh idea…

Extensive research by Bio Gen Active found an answer in an unlikely source… cows. More specifically, by converting whey – a bi-product from cheese production – through fermentation into 100% natural cleaning solutions. This fresh idea means AquaOzone can now offer you exceptionally effective, user friendly cleaning solutions, made from natural, sustainable sources.


Because these products are natural and safe for the user and the environment, they are just as suitable for descaling, degreasing and neutralising bacteria in your home as they are in industrial use.

Clients say…

Claire – Domestic

"These cleaning products are amazing - so powerful, but with the peace of mind that they are not harmful to me or the environment."

Claire, Buckinghamshire


Claire, Buckinghamshire

“These cleaning products are amazing – so powerful, but with the peace of mind that they are not harmful to me or the environment.”



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